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There are times he is angry with the world and everyone in it.

But then there are the times where he can see all the beauty, just like the Romantic poets. His girlfriend Sylvia and best friend Zeke are trying to help him on his journey. But when the real w Alden Nowlan's "A Boy's Life of Napoleon" is a brilliant piece of short fiction adapted from Nowlan's first novel, The Wanton Troopers, written in but published posthumously in Published on the occasion of Goose Lane Editions's 60th anniversary, it is also available as part of the six sixty collection.

Published on the occasion of Goose Lane Editions's 60th anniversary, it is also a part of the six sixty collection. Published on the occasion of Goose Lane Editions's 60th anniversary, it is also part of the six sixty collection. This ebook bundle contains the first ten novels of the Inspector Green Mystery series by Barbara Fradkin. On dangerous backstreets of Ottawa, Homicide Inspector Michael Green leads complex investigations into sensational cases. He ranks up there with legends like D. This is the story of how Leo Crockwell took on one of the most revered police forces in the world, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and walked away unscathed.

On December 4, , Leo Crockwell, fifty-five, an electrical technician and lifetime resident of Bay Bulls, barricaded himself in his Bill McGill, a lawyer living in St. Today the memory resurfaces as his niece, Esme, finds herself on the wrong side of the law and charged with murder—one that took place on the shores of that very same pond. Many foreign-going vessels carrying Newfoundlanders were apprehended en route by German U-boats and shelled, torpedoed, or boarded and bombed. Some of the crews were let go, but others were less fortunate.

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Some of the stories included are. A Fit Month for Dying is the third book in M. Dohaney's highly praised trilogy about the women of Newfoundland's outports. Fans of The Corrigan Women and To Scatter Stones will embrace this book, while those reading the author for the first time will discover her characteristic bittersweet humour. Tess Corrigan seems to be living the good life. She is a popular politician, the first woman to serve as a Member of the House of Assembly. Her husband Greg is a successful lawyer and son Brendan is a seemingly happy hockey-mad twelve-year-old.

Lesley Choyce writes rings around most Canadian authors. And in this collection, we have choice Choyce.

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  8. Dance the Rocks Ashore contains substantial stories including "Dance the Rocks Ashore," a bittersweet account of an elderly couple's decline; the hilarious and bizarre "My Father Was a Book Reviewer" "The Third or Fourth Happiest Man in Nova Scotia," with a peculiar hero reminiscent of Noah; and "The Wreck of the Sister Theresa," in which spring fever hits like "a handshake in hell.

    Lesley Choyce's novella The Summer of Apartment X is a beach book for grownups who remember how they got that way. Fred Winger and his two buddies, Richard and Brian, intend to take the beach resort town by storm. It's the fateful summer between high school and university, early s version. Equipped with two barely mobile cars and a seized-up MG motor, around which Richard wants to build an entire sports car, they plan to rent a suave apartment, get cool jobs, meet girls, and lose their virginity.

    Dream and reality diverge immediately. A remarkable debut collection, Kelly Cooper's Eyehill provides a multi-hued portrait of a small prairie town. Too small to support a high school or a drugstore, Eyehill is populated by men and women, who have worked for generations to wrest a living from the dry, rolling hills. Like people anywhere else, they hunger for love, understanding, a decent living, and safety and comfort in their homes.

    Their passion for something more, something better, is tangled by their almost visceral attachment to the land and by the dangerous allure of an oil in Each chapter represents a station of the journey and an insight into the emotional weight born by the residents and those who care for them. Layered with symbolism in the precise and poetic language of Phoebe, this poignant story is for anyone who has felt the burden of tim The year is Chago, twenty-four, is a prisoner in a world made up only of prisoners and those who guard them.

    In an effort to resolve overcrowding in the prison, the warden introduces the Innocence Device, a high-tech machine he claims can determine innocence or guilt.

    The Benefactor / Corporate Asset / Birds of a Feather / and more

    Prisoners are encouraged to walk through the Innocence Device and experience its rewards: immediate freedom or death. When they discover the machine is rigged, the prisoners riot and take over Three years before a former teammate equaled the mark, Harrison set one of the most enduring and seemingly unreachable records in professional hockey with three goals and seven helpers on January 30, And almost nobody remembers. Portland, Maine, An assembly gathers to listen to a fundraising lecture by the esteemed medical missionary Doctor Wilfred Grenfell. Thanks in part to the wild adventures recorded in his recent bestseller, Adrift on an Ice Pan, Grenfell is becoming ever more famous in North America.

    But tonight something is wrong. From the seafaring battles between the British and the French of the s to the privateers of the War of , from the merchant ships of the Second World War to the construction of the corvettes and frigates in the 20th century, New Brunswick has played an important role in Canada's naval history. In , the new Dominion of Canada chose New Brunswick as the base for its naval operations.

    In this fact Setting out to visit his friends in Woodstock, New Brunswick, and with all intentions to return to the United States to attend Columbia University in the fall, Tappan Adney, at the age of 18, embarked on a trip that would ultimately set the course of his life. Tappan Adney's writings, illustrations, and photographs were published in Harper's Magazine.

    Jack Taggart Mysteries 8-Book Bundle

    This follow-up journal to 's first volume, takes us back to a time when wildness was still something easily accessible and wildlife abundant. These experiences, seen through the eyes of a youn At 31 years old, Major Cyrus Inches resolved to survive the Great War, and did so without losing his sense of humour, in spite of the tragedies he constantly faced. His letters home were stored and left undisturbed for almost ninety years. Cleverly written with wit and humour, they reveal voluminous details of life during the war.

    The booklet and Specific punishments for crimes against friendship. She tells herself that if she and Scott can keep their new romance a secret, no one will get hurt. But Laren is not the only one with something to hide. Thus begins a year-long journey through secrets, lies, exposures and betrayals. Somehow, Laren must find a way to reconcile who she is with what she's done.

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    And when tragedy strikes, she finds herself struggling with A long-awaited history of this important Canadian regiment, The th New Brunswick Regiment of Foot in the War of looks at this military unit from its beginnings in the early days of the 19th century to its disbanding in Best known for its perilous Winter March through the wilderness of New Brunswick to the battlefields of Upper Canada, the th was a British unit whose early role in the War of was to defend the Maritimes. In , it was ordered to Upper Canada and took part in a raid on the American naval base at Sackets H Series: The L.

    Following on the heels of the first volume of The L. Montgomery Reader, this second volume narrates the development of L.

    Corporate Asset / Birds of a Feather / Dead Ends / and more

    Edited by leading Montgomery scholar Benjamin Lefebvre, it traces milestones and turning points such as adaptations for stage and screen, posthumous publications, and the development of Montgomery Studies as a scholarly field. In , at the age of just 18, intellectually and artistically gifted American Tappan Adney embarked on his first trip to New Brunswick. He had plans to enrol at Columbia University in the fall, primed for a meteoric rise in academia — but fate intervened.

    Nothing escaped his curiosity, Adney embarked on hunting, fishing, and camping trips with Humboldt Hum Sharp, his future brother-in-law; Peter Joseph, who would become his Mal Through humour, views of urban and rural places, photographs of individuals, fantasy, advertising, and succinct messages, they have documented art and entertainment, social events, commercial practices, reform movements, political propaganda, and countless byways of society.

    Jack Taggart Mysteries 12-Book Bundle

    They are the centre of this account as it looks at key facets of daily life, the diverse efforts of individuals to maintain health and treat minor i In , she was purchased by the provincial government and refitted as a floating maritime museum; her political legacy soon included innumerable blunders and cover-ups, mutiny, a stowaway, and perhaps the ghost of John Goddard takes us on a detailed tour of the house, providing fascinating historical background and insight.

    If only Bob could go back to being the Mr. Invisible of his superhero days. To make matters even worse, his dad is really sick and getting sicker. When Bob begins planning a fundraiser basketball game in support of cancer research, things start to look up. With Roy being temporarily out of the picture after terrorizing some little kids, Bob finally gets a chance to play on the At the heart of Gros Morne National Park is Bonne Bay with its magnificent landscape, sheltered arms and coves, and abundant marine life.

    Bonne Bay occupies an important place in the history of Newfoundland and Labrador. Long known to Aboriginal peoples, in the mids it grew rapidly as settlers swarmed in to take advantage of the herring and lobster fishery. Tensions between the competing claims by the French and British were often played out here.

    Jack Taggart Mysteries 8-Book Bundle | Dundurn Press

    In the late s and early s, Bonne Bay grew to become the administrative centre for the Now available in one bundle for the first time, the first eight books of the Jack Taggart Mystery series are gathered together, including the latest mystery, The Benefactor. Easton is a writer at the top of his game. Terry Ryan was poised to take the hockey world by storm when he was selected eighth overall by the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL draft, their highest draft pick in a decade.

    Expected to go on to become a hockey star, Ryan played a total of eight NHL games for the Canadiens, scoring no goals and no assists: not exactly the career he, or anyone else, was expecting. In Tales of William Shakespeare lived at a time when the medieval world — a world of magic, astrology, witchcraft, and superstition of all kinds — was just beginning to give way to more modern ways of thinking.

    Shakespeare and Galileo were born in the same year, and new ideas about the human body, the earth, and the universe at large were just starting to transform Western thought. Shakespeare was not a scientist — the word did not even exist in Elizabethan times — but a handful of scholars are now examining Shakespeare's interest in the scientific discove Juba, South Sudan.

    Tired of the choking red dust that blows into the capital from the desert. But when a young woman—the fourth in three weeks—is found dead at the side of a dusty road with a thin white ribbon wrapped tightly around her neck, Rober Penelope MacLaughlin marries a miller and gradually discovers he is not as she imagined.

    His increasing absence leaves Penelope to run the mill herself, providing her with a living but also destroying the people she loves most. Penelope struggles with loss and isolation and suffers At am on September 8, , authorities in Nova Scotia killed an innocent man. Peter Wheeler — a "coloured" man accused of murdering a white girl — was strung up with a slipknot noose. The hanging was state-sanctioned but it was a lynching all the same.

    Now, a re-examination of his case using modern forensic science reveals one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in Canadian history.