The Art and Craft of Writing Historical Fiction

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Helping Writers Become Authors offers inspiration and advice on characterisation, structure, editing and more. Live Write Thrive offers writing advice from writer and editor C. Aliventures covers different types of writing including fiction. How to Plan, Write, and Develop a Book covers everything from structure to staying motivated and more. Jody Hedlund examines many aspects of writing successful fiction. Author is the online magazine of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association in the United States, but it has articles and other information of interest to writers worldwide.

Publication Coach runs a blog that includes helpful advice for writers. Lithub is a fantastic, more literary-oriented online publication that has a whole section of articles on writing craft and advice. ProWritingAid runs a great blog with tips on writing, editing and more. Grammar and Language Grammar Girl explains language and usage in an entertaining manner at her blog. The Chicago Manual of Style is the style guide used by most of the book publishing industry.

The Art and Craft of Writing Historical Fiction: Researching and Writing Historical Fiction

Daily Writing Tips looks at topics like usage, spelling, vocabulary and more. Grammar Book has usage rules, quizzes and more. Word Hippo generates word origins, synonyms, antonyms, translations, tenses, rhyming words, various parts of speech, names and more. Scribens is a handy free grammar checker that identifies various categories of grammar error as well as giving statistics on elements of your copy-paste text such as word repetition counts.

Hemingway App is a useful browser-based tool for checking issues such as passive voice as well as reading difficulty grading. Guide to Grammar and Writing is a free compendium of clear explanations of terms in grammar and writing such as adjectives, adverbs and prepositions , as well as guides to more complex grammar topics such as sentence combining skills. The Punctuation Guide contains clear, well-presented guides to using punctuation such as periods, semi-colons, question marks and more for US English writing.

Grammarly is editing software including a browser applet you can install to check your writing for grammatical errors anywhere online. Romance Divas is an award-winning blog about writing romance.

The Art and Craft of Writing Historical Fiction: Researching and Writing Historical Fiction

Marketing for Romance Writers covers romance marketing and other aspects of writing romance novels. Romance Junkies is a huge site that includes reviews, interviews, contests, articles on the craft of writing and more. Our list of 51 must-visit romance websites gives a fuller list of writing associations and resources. Harlequin is one of the biggest romance publishers. You can find their guide to romance manuscript submissions here , as well as a list of various romance publishing imprints and their sub-genre interests.

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Romance Writers of Australia offers an active blog with many articles of interest to romance authors. Romance Writers of America likewise has a database of helpful of helpful articles for aspiring romance authors. Literary Fiction The Paris Review is a fantastic resource for personal, intimate interviews that inspire and illuminate, with esteemed authors such as Toni Morrison and Philip Roth featuring.

Many interviews require subscription to read the full text, but there are some free areas. Fictionaut is a blog with writing advice, interviews and more focused on literary fiction. The Elegant Variation takes a look at the contemporary literary fiction scene.

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Story in Literary Fiction covers the art and craft of writing literary fiction. Words Without Borders focuses on translation and international literature. Crime, Mystery and Thrillers International Association of Crime Writers is a global organisation for those who write in the genre. International Thriller Writers brings together writers of thrillers from all over the world.

Sisters in Crime is an organisation for women who write in the genre with branches worldwide. Jungle Red Writers is a blog for mystery writers and readers by seven women crime writers. Elizabeth Spann Craig blogs about writing mysteries. Criminal Minds features crime writers responding to a different reader question on writing, crime fiction and publishing each day.

Detectives Beyond Borders is an award-winning blog that focuses on worldwide crime fiction. NPR has many interesting podcasts for writers, including this discussion between mystery authors on the ingredients of an effective mystery novel. Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror SFWA is the site for the Science Fiction Writers of America, but even for writers outside of the United States, the site itself has a number of excellent resources for novelists interested in working in this genre.

Worldbuilding Rules offers advice for fantasy and science fiction writers on creating plausible worlds. The Writer and the Critic is a podcast that focuses on speculative fiction. Tor Books is a major publisher of science fiction and fantasy, and their site is an enormous resource of blog posts, links, original fiction and more. Locus is the trade news magazine of the science fiction and fantasy publishing world. This is Horror is an excellent site for keeping up with news and reviews of horror fiction.

TV Tropes is an excellent resource, not just for writers penning screenplays but for novelists too. Their explanation of the science fiction genre , for example, is succinct yet detailed. Clarkesworld is a Hugo award-winning science fiction magazine that publishes short stories, interviews, and audio fiction. Adventures in YA Publishing covers all aspects of writing for young adults. Kidlit is all about writing and reading middle-grade and YA fiction. They risked physical punishment, if not their lives. Women, like Anne Boleyn, could even be accused of witchcraft if they refused silence.

Indeed, there are English pubs that once served to remind women about what could happen if they forgot to bridle their tongues. Named as Quiet Woman or Silent Woman, the pubs often brandish a couplet, a couplet that seems related to Anne Boleyn:. With silence a matter of life or death, it is not surprising the Tudor period left women historically voiceless. Their stories often erased, their portraits identified as unknown , the lives of women were also left little more than a footnote to, if not just only filtered, through the lives of men Kon-yu I argue that while his tory does provide documentary evidence for the voices of Tudor women, especially those in the foreground of history, these voices, in most instances, are of the silenced.

Writing was an uncommon skill of noble women and men Harris 35 , yet three or more of the women I am using as characters in my work historically came together to write in what is now known as the Devonshire Manuscript. In this small manuscript, the women copied poems or songs, or sometimes wrote their own works.

Adding their voices alongside men, they did not lack courage to speak up to them Heale Nevertheless, Tudor women were not brought up to see themselves as equal to men Sim She did not hide her distress about his unfaithfulness in the early years of their marriage or when he made a duke of his bastard son, but the distress was soon put aside in compliance to his wishes and desires. Katherine lived up to her motto: Humble and Loyal , and spent many years of her marriage being so.

by Thom, James Alexander

Anne Boleyn was less humble. This twenty years or more I have been your true wife, and by me ye had had divers children, although it hath pleased God to call them from this world…And when you had me at the first, I take God to be my judge, I was a true maid, without touch of man Sylvester, Harding et al.

How Not to Write Historical Fiction (with Mrs Poe)

Through similar, but more liberated life experience, I recognised women carefully weighing up their words, making them palpable and acceptable to men. What is hidden in the voices of Tudor women is revealed to the astute reader by the eluded and alluded Arnold Contradictions and erasures also provide evidence of disjointed or incomplete narratives McNay Enabling these voices is what I see as my duty as a historical fiction writer. The silence imposed on Tudor women demand advocacy and stories from me. I shall let my imagined Anne begin this section:.

For years, the king valued and sought for my counsel, but no more. He desires my silence, but how I can be so when I have spent years being otherwise? Perhaps this explains why I and at least fifteen other writers have been drawn to her story de Groot He gave great tips for it. On the other hand, he spoke about himself and his own interests too much. That's perfect for a different kind of book, but not for guidebooks like this. Thom writes American historical fiction. Great for him.

But he needed to also There were many things I liked about this book, but a couple of things that weren't great. Also, while he gave a huge wealth of tips for research, he needed to give better advice on actually writing. He said, description is very important, but didn't give many tips on how to do that, at least, not nearly as many as he did with research.