The Adventures of Elizabeth Stanton Series Volume 8 The Emperor and Empress

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It stood the test of notching, but not the hammer. With this she has deceived many people. Similarly I saw her strew heated copper with a powder, which penetrated it. The copper became as refined silver. But when it was melted it was copper once more as before. And she showed me many such deceitful tricks.

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Another time she took Iron Saffron and Copper Calx and other Powders, mixed them, and cemented with them equal parts of Gold and Silver. Then the Metal had within and without the appearance of fine Gold. But when it was melted it lost the colour again. Therewith were many merchants duped by her. Oh, and possibly a murderess musn't forget that In any case, her alleged story would make a great film It's too bad most of us in the West have never heard of her before!

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The moral to that very short story being: if you're a powerful woman, expect a lot of really bad press Remember the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Hatshetsup? Despite having a long and prosperous reign, she was so effectively "erased" that anyone born before the 20th century wouldn't have known her name or title. In reality, we know very little about Barbara of Celje inset right.

Apparently there were no legal or family records, so, even the year of her birth is an approximation. Note: While the above illumination of Mary appears in this historical record, Sigismond's second and last wife - Barbara - is nowhere present. Famous members include the father of Vlad the Impaler - the original Dracula - and members of the Bathory family.

POST-MAC BLUES: The Voynich Manuscript (Part 3b) - The Empress & the Alchemist

She's especially known for allegedly bathing in the blood of murdered virgins to retain her youthful appearance. Might these little tidbits have contributed to a few of Barbara's darker legends; guilt by association? Who knows? Beyond that, while Sigismund and Barbara finally become Emperor and Empress towards the end of Sigismund's life, things went south for Barbara shortly thereafter.

Daughter Elizabeth, on the other hand, gave birth to her third child shortly after her husband's death, and tried in vain to save her position in the monarchy. The crown went to Vladislaus of Poland, instead. In the end, her own death predated Barbara's; she died in , possibly from having been poisoned.

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Or, do we? Well, maybe. Meanwhile, I suppose you've realized by now that I had a bit of a motive for presenting this tale, and, likewise, you've probably guessed that I'm proposing that Barbara von Celje had some connection to the Voynich MS. And, yes, I think she may have Incidentally, although I have spent some time at the various Voynich sites listed here , I have not found anything about Barbara That is, the first known owner of the manuscript was from Prague.

Note: actually, the second and third known owners were from Prague as well Moreover, Voynich, himself was Polish. The Imperium crumbled, but the Ataro Empire continued to survive. The Federation of Planets controlled the other spiral arm, and Emperor Bino desperately needed inside information about this group. Allies or enemies? He sent Captain Nia Elain and the June , the humaniform robots met to decide how to recover from the nuclear attack on Aquila Prime and their millions of nova.


After a very long haul, June , Dr. Lelos Smith finally graduated four doctorate students, the first of the new breed This novel covers the years from around , just after the massive explosion, to around In turn, this shift of the Some of the children of Felix Brom play a role in this tale. The towers and Compact has brought peace for these thirty years, bu Onboard a space ship, a group of women lived in a self-sustaining world they called Madiera, which they believed was nothing more than a world.

Two robots, Alpha and Beta, ran the ship, totally behind the scenes. In fact, the designers of the robots Carmen Valen continues her revenge plots, designing more apparel to hobble both women and now men as well. The novel begins around , covering some forty years.

The survivors of the Valen coup, namely all of the body-modified close advisors and associates of the late Lord Paco Valen, fled south to Villa del Rey, a small coastal town thousands of miles from Valen. While most all were severely hobbled, they ha The Imperium controls one spiral arm while the Federation of Planets controls the other.

Declaration of Sentiments by Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Recently, the two skirmished on the outer edges of the spiral arms where each arm was close to the others, at witnessed by the attack on Ashford-5's fuel refiner During the war years, Neva Burkhardt plied her skills as a telepath, working her way up the power ladder, until she reached two of the six Legates and the President of the Imperium. These three top Imperium leaders needed her unique services, but als Zarita heads off to the Imperium Senate in However, powerful men began their own personal attempts to gain ultimate power.

Legate Emeryk set his sights on eliminating and replacing President Snarry. Unknown to all, three of the wealthiest men i He has purchased a beautiful old lakeside estate with money from his grandfather. He also c They know they must resolve the mystery of the brown dragon. Their search for the dr A "Wonderland" fantasy novel adventure.

Zed encounters a desperate young woman, Miranda, whose mother has vanished. Thomas Bailey Aldrich Jack London George Bernard Shaw Stories by Many English Authors. Herbert A. Joseph C. Lincoln library in English on your hard disk, plus an index which will link off-line to all the files in the set. Anna Katharine Green Mrs. Thomas A. George A. George W. Peck with active on-line links to all files. Memoirs of My Life and Writings. Robert W.

Jerome K. BC Index of the Works of Xenophon with active on-line links to all files. BC Index of the Works of Plato with active on-line links to all files. Eleanor H. Charlotte M.

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