Tales from the Yoga Studio: A Novel

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FREE event. Book will be available for purchase and book signing. Talk at the Edinburgh Meeting - March Review by Hazel Butterfield.

Children's Yoga Class with Ally Ford

You know what, this book came at just the right time for me. Tales of adventure, positivity, calm and lessons learnt.

Where the Ascetic Meets the Athletic

Short stories, inspiring and awesome for the travel lovers or those that used to be when time was more permitting! Sweet and succinct points at the end that just leave that warm and contented feeling. We are also not set in stone, we can change our path and make mistakes, experience fear and come across the unknown. Everything we live through is a chance to learn and develop.

It was as though I was there at every stage of her amazing adventures. She is an example and inspiration of how to live life fully and fearlessly.

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There were so many life lessons learnt and loved the way each take away ended the chapter. Lindsey's writing skills are to be applauded I did not want to put the book down. I am so proud of her first book a great legacy for her children. Was so surprised and honoured to see that I got a wee mention in the acknowledgement. Love Donna x. Donna Noble.

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Growing through her travels and gaining a greater and deeper understanding of herself and the world around her. Now we typically practice 3 times per week together and enjoy almost every class of our new, healthy habit.

Short Story Development

Physically our bodies are leaner and stronger and dramatically more flexible. Psychologically our stress levels are much lower, we trust ourselves more now and we know a lot more about ourselves individually and as a couple. Emotionally its fun and exciting to put ourselves in this evolving practice that is a constant supply of the opportunity to surprise ourselves, and its exciting to see the one we love struggling, overcoming and discovering in a meaningful way as are we: going thru novel experiences exposes our humanity to one another.

Socially we have met like-minded people that have become valued friends. Relationally we are closer than ever because we share all of the consciousness raising together, spend 5 more hours per week together than before in this activity and several more talking about what we learn and observe. Win, win, win, win, win. Developing a wider array of competences will lead you to trust your body more which will lead to more physical agility and ease of movement. In novel situations, your brain chemistry produces all kinds of neurotransmitters that produces a brain chemistry cocktail that makes OxyContin look like baby aspirin.

That chemistry is constantly on tap for your taking with physical movement, has no dangerous side effects and makes you genuinely feel deeply euphoric. Psychologically , in that yoga class example, our consciousnesses are being raised at the same time to a practice that intends to open people up. When your partner slips, ask for the kindness! Another psychological outcome from experiencing novelty is that you acquire additional self-knowledge.

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When you learn a new skill or do a new drill and try on a new behavior, you automatically self reflect on how this is for you in order to perform as well as you can. You ask yourself, have I done something similar before, how did I do that so I can do this? Self-reflection is a skill that needs to be practiced to maintained at a useful level. Emotionally , new experiences are literally exciting.

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  7. When you are excited, your senses are heightened. Your body chemistry is, in a word, good. Stress is low and overall wellbeing is heightened. With all these good feelings, you are likely to repeat trying new things because what is rewarded will be repeated. Trying new things is a skill that all adults must master because to become anything, you must first be a beginner. So be the best beginner ever through the practice of novel experiences. Socially trying new things in new places leads you to meet other seekers, which are accomplished, multifaceted and interesting people — like YOU!

    Classes of adult learners is an excellent place to form relationships. And finally, on the relationship outcomes of deliberately initiating novel experiences, you have a tool that you can use to get a positive bump whenever you want or need it.

    Paperback Editions

    This relationship skill alone takes a lot of pressure off of maintaining a long-term union. One of the most robust findings shown in psychological research literature is that relationships are shown repeatedly to make humans healthy, and good relationships make even a bigger difference in the wellbeing of their participants as opposed to those in long-term problematic relationships. Pace yourself. Notice how much novelty suits you. This subjective nature of self-knowledge and thus self-improvement is tough to get a handle on sometimes, but with some diligence, you can know yourself well enough to calibrate successfully.

    Variety is Key. Classes, clubs, events, experiences, excursions, et cetera can all be novel experiences. Once I had a couple decide that they wanted to improve their respective looks, so one novel experience they had was going to a salon to get new hair styles together. It worked like a charm for them. Keep your Sense of Humor Close. There will be mistakes in a new situation. Those missteps are not to be feared but embraced. Laugh at your flaws and laugh with your partner. Remember to not laugh at your partner because that is mean and poor form for a respectable human being.

    Recognizing the humor in imperfection lifts the mood, vents frustrations, and actually helps speed along skills acquisition. I have all kinds of funny little euphemisms for the heated room we do our gentle hot yoga classes in; hearing the humor and laughing a bit relaxes both mind and body so we can enjoy our yoga practice together even more.

    A partner that can lighten a heavy mood creates a pleasant atmosphere to share where ever they go demonstrating a useful and attractive quality. Use Stress Management Plan. While new experiences can be somewhat anxiety provoking, no worries. Just pull out your individualize stress management plan, dust it off, and use it. If you really do not have one, get one! It makes the difference between a good life and an amazing one. You can contact me to schedule a coaching consultation in the form below.

    I can walk you through crafting a bespoke strategy that empowers you to reduce your unique life stressors using your unique set of strengths. Until you craft your own comprehensive ISMP, take a few cleansing breathes, give your self a little count down, picture success, and focus on the activity at hand. Stay curious. Curiosity is an amazing tool. When things get challenging, get curious. What does this do for you? Curiosity is the eagerness to discover something.

    The Yoga Sutra: Your Guide To Living Every Moment

    This eagerness to discover pulls you forward towards a far better place than paralyzed fear, destructive anger, or say, thwarting frustration. Note all of those complications are emotions run amok.