Petroleum Geology

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Apennines; Log responses to depositional sequences. Building the structural-stratigraphic framework; Facies, porosity, permeability and saturation modelling; Seismic constraint; Deterministic and stochastic techniques; Fracture modelling; Flow unit definition; Quantification of uncertainty in volumetrics.

Petroleum Geology

History; Basic tool types and their responses; Basic interpretation of lithology, porosity and water saturation, including clay corrections. Geoscientists and Petroleum Engineers who require a fundamental understanding of the role and relation of Geology to their job.

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Petroleum Geology BSc | Royal Holloway, University of London

A wide range of stable and radiogenic isotope facilities is accessible through the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre in East Kilbride. Our research is concerned with the geological evolution of sedimentary basins.

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  • Our research embraces the formation of sedimentary basins and lithosphere geodynamics, their structure and sedimentary fill, the evolution of the deposits and their fluids and the generation, location and exploitation of resources. We address not only fundamental geological questions concerning Earth processes but also the development of resources for societal benefit - through the extraction of hydrocarbons to the use of geological reservoirs as repositories of societal waste.

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    Prospective research students should define their research interests explicitly in terms of sedimentary basin geology in the context of the research themes of the discipline. Research in both groups is supported by excellent research facilities in a number of laboratories.

    Sedimentary processes in both modern and ancient sedimentary systems to quantify earth surface processes through deep time. Tectonics and structure of the lithosphere, notably the tectonic influence on sedimentation systems and the dynamics of lithosphere deformation.