Declutter Your Mind: Twelve Secret Steps to Clear Mental Clutter for A Lifetime of Peace and Bliss

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Clear Your Clutter To DeClutter Your Mind and Lift Your Energy

Hence the need to be very frugal. The Copy Cure would benefit me greatly because providing content about the subject is key to my business. I used to be a workaholic. Probably the biggest reason for the divorce. Thank you for your consideration. Where can I find your blog? My Business: Empowering Working mothers coaching them into their inner wisdom using Strategic Interventions Robbins-Madanes certification and beauty including sensuality.


Online Coaching using marketing tools I learned in B School. I intend to serve working mothers who believe in God and love to have fun but need help in transitions of life. Empowering mothers give stability to family and therefore society. If are happy, strong and capable this has a ripple effect. Women are role models. Final outcome is eliminating: family depression, school desertion, drug addiction, and homelessness. Women who nourish their families are able to help society far more than any other change you can give a community.

A stable house is a force for change no one else can compare to. Women are that stable force.

Sensory Awareness and Social Work

Portions of my business profits will help continue to give more free education and feedingthe hungry homeless. A creatrix. And I do it because… I simply must! I also do it to share. To inspire.

To ignite some spark in others that enriches their life force, and oozes more depth in this wild ride…. What a wonderful opportunity! I respect the work you are doing, and know may people going through your programs. I love reading what people are doing in the world to improve peoples lives.

Writing has never been one of my strong assets. It is easier for me to speak than it is to write. I get overwhelmed with the process of writing. My work is to help women find their real voice, using their real words to begin to speak out of their wounds and to begin their healing process.

My mission is to help women begin to peal their masks off, find their voice, and through this process they will begin to heal. We all have have wounds and experiences that need healing. Having stronger writing skills will help me articulate my mission so that it attracts my tribe, so the healing can begin. There is a lot of pain in the world, I see it on a daily basis. We must help with all our heart and soul. Marie, Thank you for all your work and your passion you put out there in the world, it touches so many lives, it certainly has done mine. I struggled with Portuguese and still do until this day.

Every time I write a formal letter, somebody has to check it, and with english, I do the same. I had to dedicate my life to learn Portuguese and got left behind in my English. I am taking B- School and want to launch a new product that is Burlesque Fitness. In order to write on my blog of my site, write newsletters, or even improve my social media posts, I really need to be able to write better English and in the right way. My mission has been to help women, I help women that are shy, or have lack of confidence, that have lost touch with there feminity, or have suffered from some kind of abuse or are going through a divorce, etc, the stories of these women are incredible and their life change after taking my Burlesque courses are incredible.

So I wanted to step it up and teach Burlesque Fitness so I can reach more women and help them through dance and fitness. Grateful, Denise do Carmo.

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Love how the universe works. Ironically, I have no problem with writing in general — and writing fiction and stories.

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Oh, sales pages — my kryptonite. Anyways, getting off my soapbox now. If admission to The Copy Cure landed in your lap, how would stronger writing help you, your business, your family, and community? What tangible, specific difference would this make to you and those around you? Only last year, under not-so-great circumstances, was I able to go visit my heritage Motherland, and have since had a personal wake-up call, as well as a physical sense of responsibility to support my family there.

I feel the time is on me, so I really want to grow in leaps and bounds, personally and in my business. Appreciate your consideration! Cheers, Anastasiya. Thank you Jodie, I hope so too! Seriously — please reach out if so. We provide evidence and trauma-informed professional development trainings, curricula, resources and consulting to individuals, schools and organizations who support the social, emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing of children, youth and families. Our sustainable programs are successfully implemented in thousands of schools and communities worldwide.

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Best, Anastasiya. Hi Anastasiya, I just wanted to say I love your idea of developing a training for high schoolers to build confidence in their purpose before college.

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I wish I had some training like that at that time of my life when I had so many wild dreams but not much confidence or clarity on what I really want to do and also have potential to pursue. Thank you Yiting! So glad to hear that the idea has merit! Best of luck with your biz! PS — what language s? Feel free to connect with me on FB Anastasiya Gendelman! Hi Anastasiya, After reading about you and your story I feel we are much alike. I hope do get a spot and I feel like you will do amazing with a little support.

I too want to help people who want the help to get off this hamster wheel of a system. I feel that when I am speaking about it people think I am crazy and that I should just be happy with what I am doing and what I have. I need to break free and I need to find more of my people as Abby Wambach and Marie talked about in the Podcast episode on Spotify. I feel so alone over here in Australia because I can not find anyone to connect with who is trying to change and trying to be better and break the cycle of debt and daily living burdens.

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I have started my own business called Calm Earth and would love to connect with you to talk business strategies and how I can improve my message in helping people bring some calm into their busy lives. Let connect and you can be my business architect for Calm Earth. I am passionate about helping other women who want to learn how to build a private label business for Amazon selling and shopify too.

Please email me at calmearthco gmail. Good Luck. Kind Regards Rachel. I am currently a B school student and are paying monthly tuition. I am was formally a school counselor serving high school students with learning challenges. Upon loosing my job due to budget cuts and are a mom supporting my son I made the executive decision to start my own business. I have struggled with writing over my life time due to my own undiagnosed learning challenge termed auditory processing. I missed out on my formative writing years as a result of childhood illness and extended hospital stays.

I was determined to achieve my masters degree in counseling and help children and teens discover their mission and inner light. My disability would present itself in my writing and former supervisors were forgiving and often used it as a means to exploit my vulnerability.