Conduction and induction heating

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The term induction is known as orientation in common usage. Obviously, two parties should participate in an orientation process.

Main Difference – Conduction vs. Induction

Similarly, in an induction process, one have to adjust its qualities according to the other. In Physics, induction is split into electrostatic induction and electromagnetic induction.

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Electrostatic induction is the reformation of electrostatic charges of an object at the presence of external charges. Consider a neutral metallic sphere.

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If a charged rod is brought close to the sphere, neutral atoms will ionize and split into two parts. Then the like charges will repel each other and make the following charge geometry.

Conduction and Induction

No contact between the rod and the sphere is needed for this process. This splitting is purely a result of the electrostatic induction.

Difference between Conduction and Induction

The credit goes to Michael Faraday for discovering the electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction occurs due to time-varying magnetic fields. An electromotive force can be generated across a conductor by varying the magnetic field around it. Use the icon on mass distributed digital goods You cannot: Sell the icon.

What is Induction?

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