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In , a group of about a thousand Sac and Fox Indians led by Chief Black Hawk returned to Illinois, but militia members easily drove them back across the Mississippi. The Seminole resistance in Florida was more formidable, resulting in a war that began under Chief Osceola and lasted into the s. The Cherokees of Georgia, on the other hand, used legal action to resist. The Cherokee people were by no means frontier savages. By the s they developed their own written language, printed newspapers and elected leaders to representative government. When the government of Georgia refused to recognize their autonomy and threatened to seize their lands, the Cherokees took their case to the U.

Supreme Court and won a favorable decision.

John Marshall's opinion for the Court majority in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia was essentially that Georgia had no jurisdiction over the Cherokees and no claim to their lands. But Georgia officials simply ignored the decision, and President Jackson refused to enforce it. Jackson was furious and personally affronted by the Marshall ruling, stating, "Mr.

Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it! Finally, federal troops came to Georgia to remove the tribes forcibly. As early as , the army began to push the Choctaws off their lands to march to Oklahoma. In , some Cherokee leaders agreed to accept western land and payment in exchange for relocation. With this agreement, the Treaty of New Echota , Jackson had the green light to order Cherokee removal.

Other Cherokees, under the leadership of Chief John Ross , resisted until the bitter end. About 20, Cherokees were marched westward at gunpoint on the infamous Trail of Tears. Nearly a quarter perished on the way, with the remainder left to seek survival in a completely foreign land. The tribe became hopelessly divided as the followers of Ross murdered those who signed the Treaty of New Echota. Report broken link.

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American History 1. The Iroquois Tribes 2. The House of Burgesses 3. Witchcraft in Salem 4. The Ideas of Benjamin Franklin 5. Life in the Plantation South 6. A New African-American Culture 7. The Treaty of Paris and Its Impact 9. The Intolerable Acts The Declaration of Independence Yorktown and the Treaty of Paris When Does the Revolution End? The Age of Atlantic Revolutions The Economic Crisis of the s Constitution Through Compromise The Antifederalists' Victory in Defeat Native American Resilience and Violence in the West The Life and Times of John Adams Jeffersonian America: A Second Revolution?

Gabriel's Rebellion: Another View of Virginia in Claiming Victory from Defeat Early National Arts and Cultural Independence Jacksonian Democracy and Modern America Jackson vs.

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Irish and German Immigration Transcendentalism, An American Philosophy The Southern Argument for Slavery Gold in California The Compromise of Preston Brooks and Charles Sumner The South Secedes Strengths and Weaknesses: North vs. The Road to Appomattox The Assassination of the President Rebuilding the Old Order The New Tycoons: John D. The New Tycoons: J.

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Politics of the Gilded Age Labor vs. Eugene V. Debs and American Socialism States: Arizona. Prepared for the Arizona Department of Transportation. Citation: Nickerson, N. Jorgenson, M. Berry, J.

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Kwenye, D. Kozel, J. Overview: This study found that the proposed Catskill Mountain Rail Trail in New York is well-situated to provide new recreation opportunities in an area that is already a recreation destination Catskill Mountain Park , and has a large nearby population base to draw from New York City.

These factors result in a substantial potential economic impact for the trail. Place: Kingston. Citation: Camion Associates.

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Uses studied: Summer motorized , Winter motorized. While off-road vehicle ORV and snowmobile users generate far more spending in this analysis, the incomplete assessment of non-motorized users makes it difficult to make comparisons of impact between motorized and non-motorized users. Citation: Nagler, A. Bastian, D. Taylor, and T. Benefits studied: Public health , User attitudes.

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Uses studied: Summer motorized , Walking. Overview: In rural Nova Scotia, a proposed trail is expected to increase substantially the amount of physical activity of local residents, with over half of respondents predicting increased physical activity due to the trail. Region: Atlantic Canada. States: Nova Scotia. Place: Annapolis Valley. Citation: VanBlarcom, B. Place: Boomer. Citation: Schiller, A. Overview: These studies found that the mountain bike trail systems in Golden and Rossland, British Columbia are destinations drawing visitors who would not otherwise have come to the area, providing a valuable economic boost.

Respondents are drawn by the extent and diversity of trails, the ease of access to the trails, and the quality of trails. Region: Western Canada. States: British Colombia.

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Place: Rossland, Golden. Citation: Tourism British Columbia. Tourism British Columbia. Trails mostly generate benefits in terms of health impacts for local residents, one-third of whom used trails at least 21 times in the previous year and exercised for at least minutes during each trail visit. States: Illinois. Citation: Buchtel, S.

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